300 ml Special Anti Cellulite & Fat Burning Hot Gel

300 ml Special Anti Cellulite & Fat Burning Hot Gel



Hot Slimming  Anti Cellulite And Fat Burning Gel [300 ml]

Condensed Firming Gel

[Product Ingredients]: Carbomer, glycerin, propylene glycol, potassium hydroxide, water, bis(hydroxymethyl)imidazolidinyl urea, sodium hyaluronate.

[Product Efficacy]: rich in a variety of moisturizing essence, condensation texture, refreshing and not greasy, easy to absorb.

Adds moisture and nutrients to the skin, locks in moisture, nourishes the skin, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.

[Usage]: Apply proper amount of this product to the desired skin, gently massage for 15 minutes, then warm water and wash.

[Applicable parts]: Skin on the arms, thighs, back, abdomen, etc., except for the chest skin.

Scope of application:

1. All kinds of importers, ultra-microwave instruments, radiofrequency meters, importers, etc.;

2, electric wave skin / microwave / small bubble / hot Maggie / opt hair removal instrument;

3. Ultrasonic, ultrasonic, Shanghe instruments and other nutrient introduction instruments are used together;

4, a variety of thermal energy output and control head and infrared series of instruments can be used together.

5, beauty salons, home can be used (home can be used for at least 3 months)

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Ultrasonic cavitation is a process where you transmit waves of ultrasonic in to cellulite affected areas of your body. The frequency of the ultrasonic is set to disrupt the fat cells that are causing the cellulite to appear. The continuation of the cavitation therapy causes the fat the get moped up within the lymphatic system and disposed of via the liver. The technology is very effective and a real technological breakthrough for getting rid of cellulite.

This is a fashion design and weight loss equipment. It can be used to reduce and relief the severe chronic back pains and other sort of body aches. The ultrasonic device has far infrared heat, ultrasonic and low frequency therapy. It can be used for acupoint massage through centralization and decentralization of body bio electricity. The machine can regulate internal secretion and accelerate consuming of fat. Shape a slim figure! The ultrasonic skin care portable appliance is designed for professional spa and salon skin treatment that is safe for in home use.

Does Ultrasound Fat Cavitation Work?

American women spend more time and money on this process than American men. Yes, ultrasound fat cavitation provides real, measurable results. You’ll be able to see how much circumference you’ve lost using a tape measure — or by simply looking in the mirror. However, keep in mind that it only works in certain areas, and you won’t see overnight results. Be patient, because you’ll see your best results weeks or months after treatment. The results will also vary based on your health history, body type, and other unique factors. These factors affect not only the results you see but how long they’ll last. You might see results after just one treatment. However, most people will need a number of treatments before they get the results they’re hoping for.
Is Ultrasound Cavitation Safe & Effective?
When it comes to the effectiveness of this procedure, how you will perceive the answer depends on your opinion and lifestyle. One treatment will not take away piles of fat nor will you be able to maintain the ‘new’ body if you continue eating an unhealthy diet. If you are obese, or drastically overweight, ultrasound cavitation will not be effective when it comes to fat removal, because of the already mentioned reason – it does not remove significant amounts of fat. Therefore, it cannot be considered effective in this case, nor does it pay off financially to undergo this treatment. On the other hand, it has shown to be successful when applied to localized areas of stubborn fat in persons that don’t struggle so much with their overall weight, but have, for instance, fat on their inner thighs while the rest of their body looks fit. The people who underwent this treatment had success with this procedure and have experienced its benefits. It is important to note that the success is the highest when the procedure is done continually and moderately. As for the safety of ultrasound cavitation, according to the Ultrasonic Clinic, it is completely safe and non-intrusive, and there is no pain during the procedure, and therefore there is no need for anesthetics or taking a day off work. They also claim that it doesn’t involve any radiation and that there are no risks. During this procedure, specific ultrasound energy levels are used, due to which only fat cells are damaged, while organs stay intact. Until now, there haven’t been any reports of side effects of this treatment, except some mild redness and discomfort which is easily tolerable, an increased need for water (thirst) and nausea, which passes right after you drink some water. All of these side effects pass very quickly.

What Is The Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Process? In only 10-15 minutes daily, you'll experience dynamic changes in the look of your face: your skin will appear more youthful, smooth and healthy with the technology of ultrasonic. Ultrasonic massage reaches deeply into the skin. Ultrasound Beauty Massagers produce micro-vibrations, which are often used to help stimulate the body's recovery from illness and injury. Although invisible to the eye and undetectable by our skin, micro-vibrations can also reach fats that have built up in areas such as the lower abdomen, hips, thighs, calves or double chin in order to achieve slimming.

Introducing The Most Effective & Popular UCERF Machine

ems rf slimming machine


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300 ml Ultrasonic RF Anti Cellulite Fat Burning Rejuvenation Gel


300 ml Ultrasonic RF Anti Cellulite Fat Burning Rejuvenation Gel


Just as described have not used it yet will let you know


I arrive very fast, well packed and it's exactly what i asked for. Thank you!


300 ml Ultrasonic RF Anti Cellulite Fat Burning Rejuvenation Gel

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Do Not Use This Device If:

  • >> If you feel any severe pain or have any injuries please do not use.
  • >> Pregnant women and patients with heart disease should not use this device.
  • >> It is recommended to use the device for about 10 minutes for the first time, and then gradually increase to 20 minutes.


  • >> Ultrasound and deep infrared will cause a warm feeling to your skin, and this is a very normal phenomenon, please use it safely and don't worry about that. The sensation of warm feeling is in fact a sign that the fat cells are melting.





1. Can I use the EMS on the Face and neck as well?

       Yes, you can use EMS anywhere of your body. But please note if you use EMS touch your iron

part head, you will feel a very strong electric charge on your skin, not pleasant, so if you use EMS

on your face, please only use the lowest intensity.


2. Does this device have a dual voltage adapter?

        The Voltage is AC100 to 240V, so it is suitable for all countries, but for the power adapter (plug) is separate, we have five power adapter for customer’s choice: USA power adapter, European Power

adapter, British Power Adapter, Australia Power adapter and Chinese power adapter.


3. Can I make my legs slim?

      Of course, this is a body slimming device, but please be mind match with Slimm cream together,

that will be more effective and quickly see the result.


4. Do you have to use a gel or cream?

     Yes, it needs to use gel or cream together, just regular gel or cream is ok, suitable for your skin.

No special required


5. How many MHz does it have?

     This is 1MHz ultrasonic


6. Is this good to use around the eye area with the large head?

     We don’t mind you use it around the eye, but we recommend you use this device on the body because this

device uses 1MHz Ultrasonic with a larger head ( 5.5cm), which is more suitable for the body. If you want to take

care of your eyes, we recommend your use 3MHz ultrasonic with Ion function, that will be better.


7. What main effective or function for this device?

    Professional Slimming Instrument uses 56mm high purity and anti-oxidation steel probe which is

beneficial to the human body. It has three main functions: EMS, 1Mhz ultrasound, and infrared ray.

1)EMS (burn calories and slim) 2)Ultrasound (bring in nutrition and crush fat to slim) 3)Infrared ray (brighten skin,

lighten freckles and rejuvenate the skin) Combine with 1Mhz ultrasound to lose weight, lift and make body firm,

slim legs and lift the hips, slim and tighten the waist and abdomen. The infrared light can reduce wrinkles and

rejuvenate the skin; the blue light shrinks pores, calms the skin and removes acne. A special metal massage probe

with a large size can be used for facial and local body treatment. EMS main frequency produces frequency bionic

current and it centralizes and decentralizes according to the feature of a certain frequency so as to realistically simulate

human’s feeling of back massage, beating, massage, acupressure and acupuncture, and moxibustion. When using it,

you should combine it with traditional meridian points and then it can effectively regulate the endocrine and promote fat consumption so as to achieve the goal of weight loss. it is suitable for those with fat at the waist, abdomen, thighs, and arms.


365 Days Our Special Warranty

To Assur Our Loyal Subscribed Customers of The Quality We Deliver, We Provide This Special Warranty To Guarantee The Ease Of Use and Full Satisfaction

water-power water-power water-power water-power water-power water-power

The UCERF Beast in details

Tech specs EMS _RF Cavitation Machine

Smart 5 adjustable EMS intensity

Accommodate different body types for great efficiency.


EMS Infrared massager

remove harmful substances out of the skin and anti skin aging.


Convenient Safe No Charging Design

This Machine is Safe With No Battery and Non-chargeable, no heating, no vibration.


Adopted Ultrasound technology

effectively remove stria gravidarum, tighten the skin, restore the elasticity of the skin, and is the best gift for postpartum mothers.


Fast, Easy And Effective

Helps increase the activity of the skin, promote the metabolism of skin cells, and make the skin secrete more collagen to fill itself.


High Frequency Vibration

At the speed of 1,000,000 times/s vibration can accelerate metabolism, and then reducing wrinkles, tightening skin and promoting body weight loss.

ems rf -power ems rf-power
what is in the pack what is in the pack

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