M-9 Mini IPL Epilator

M-9 Mini IPL Epilator



The M-9 IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

Gentle and effective even on the most sensitive areas of the body, this light-based system deliver the long-term hair reduction. The light produces heat, which is transferred to the hair follicle and triggers it to go into a resting phase. As a result, the hair sheds naturally and regrowth is inhibited. Applied regularly, these light pulses keep your skin smooth and hair-free.  
Owning such a convenient and easy-to-use laser epilator at home saves money and a constant journey to the beauty studio.

IPL Hair removal system

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    What Is IPL Treatment?
    IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light) is a popular hair removal treatment that helps kill the unwanted hairs, so they don’t come back. Unlike laser hair removal, IPL does not use a laser light source but instead uses a broad spectrum high-intensity light that emits light at multiple wavelengths. While laser devices emit one single focused wavelength to maximize follicle absorption, IPL covers larger patches of hair. IPL is like using a strong light bulb and is usually cheaper than laser treatments.

    IPL works best for those with dark hair, as those with darker and thicker hair absorb the light a lot better so the results will show better. It is a highly effective way to remove hair permanently, but because it is not as concentrated beam of light, it may require more treatments than laser hair removal.

    How much does clinical IPL/laser hair removal Realy cost?

    American women spend more time and money on this process than American men. A survey completed by the American Laser Centers showed that women spend more than $10,000 on shaving products over their lifetime. Considering those statistics, it’s no surprise that many people are looking for more permanent options, such as laser hair removal. Still, the question you must ask yourself is: “How much does laser hair removal cost?”
    Benefits of laser hair removal
    The biggest advantage of laser hair removal is that it offers permanent hair reduction over time. While multiple sessions are necessary for permanent hair removal, results are often visible in just one session. Most people require four to six sessions to achieve permanent results. Unlike waxing, tweezing and other hair-removal options, laser hair removal causes minimal discomfort. Those who have undergone the procedure describe it as feeling like a rubber band snapping against the skin. Speed and precision make laser hair removal an attractive option for many people. Because the laser targets the hair specifically, the surrounding skin remains undamaged. This is in contrast to waxing, shaving or tweezing that can damage the skin by leaving it red, sore and swollen. Additionally, the laser works quickly, covering an area the size of a quarter every second.

    The average cost of laser hair removal is $429, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, the cost varies depending on a number of different factors. The biggest factor is the area of the body that receives treatment. The size of the area and the amount of time it takes to perform the procedure help to determine the cost. The table below illustrates the average high and low costs of laser hair removal for different areas of the body.

    Now, Let's Choose A Proper IPL Laser Machine That makes Everything Painless and Smoother.

    Introducing The Popular IPL Machine in 2018


    • 1. FDA cleared ,clinically proven IPL light, safe, effective and painless. Effective results as treatment in beauty spa and salon. Similar effect but lighter and smaller design to use at home.
    • 2. With manual light output and sliding light output modes, the light output frequency is increased, the light energy is the same, and the hair removal efficiency is greatly improved.
    • 3. Save You Money--You can stop wasting money on continues treatments in an expensive salons.Treat yourself at your own living room or bedroom.The high-capacity lamp can produce up to 300000 flashes which means you’ll never have to worry about refill cartridges.
    • 4. Fast And Effective--The Pro Hair Removal System has an ultra-fast flash rate lets you treat areas like your underarms and bikini line in about a minute. Auto Flash Suitable for legs,arms and other large areas of hair removal.Intermittent Flash suitable for underarms,bikini and other small area hair removal.Long press can achieve automatic continuous light.
    • 5. Calls For Patience--This is not a instant hair removal device like epilator,patience is required! You must insist for a long time,it takes about 2-4 months to be effective,even longer.Treatment takes minimum of 8 weeks of continuous use to show noticeable differences, and regrowth of hair during the treatment is common.And the curative effect varies from person to person.
        Package Included:
        • » 1 x Electric Laser Hair Removal IPL Machine
        • » 1 x Plug 
        • » 1 x User Manual


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            Cool stuff! It works,! Highly recommend


            my local postal took money


            M-9 Mini IPL Epilator


            I have taken professional laser hair reduction sessions and I know how it works. This one gives you that sting when you zap a thick hair follicle. You'll need more than a couple of months of weekly sessions though. Go for it. I'll buy my sister one of these. Thanks for this awesome product.

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            • 1. Shave the hair around the treatment area before use.  
            • 2. Connect the AC adapter to a power socket.  
            • 3. Long press the power button to power on and adjust the light intensity.  
            • 4. Set the hand emission (default setting) or the auto emission (long press the flashlight emission button)  
            • 5. Wear the exclusive eyes protectors to avoid damage on eyes.  
            • 6. Attached the laser head closely to the epilation part and try to make the laser head be at right angle to the skin. It's suggested to irradiate one area for 2 - 3 minutes.  

            Please Note:  
            Start using with lower level and then turn it up gradually if you feel right.  
            Do not apply over the same area for too long or lase on the same area for many times.  
             Do not use the epilator directly towards tattoos, sunburned skin or any wounds.


            More Product Features: 

            • » Use: Body, Face, Underarm, Bikini
            • » Material: ABS
            • » Brand Name: Lescolton
            • » Power Adapter: 100-240V 50-60Hz
            • » IPL Levels: 5 Levels
            • » Hair Removal Lamp Type: Quartz Lamp
            • » Ance/Photorejuvenation Lamp Type: Glass Lamp
            • » Pulse: 300000 pulse
            • » Product size: approx.135*55*40mm/5.31*2.16*1.57'' 
            • » Frequency of irradiation: 100 thousand times 
            • » Light source: IPL strong pulse light 
            • » Energy shift adjustment: 5 gear adjustment 
            • » Wavelength: 475-1200 nm 
            • » Flash duration: 500-800 microseconds 


                365 Days Our Special Warranty

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                The M9 IPL Epilator in details

                Tech specs M-9 IPL

                Smart 5 adjustable intensity

                Accommodate different hair types (fine or coarse hair) for great efficiency.


                300K+ pulses

                More Than Enough for a Full Body Depilation and Hair Removal. Easily Double It With An Extra Head Lamp Thanks To The Replacment Design.


                Convenient Safe No Charging Design

                Adopt the safest and most efficient resonant No charging method at present, ready to use all the time.


                Adopted IPL technology

                Filter UV integrally and directly reach the hair follicle, which effectively prevent hair regrowth, as well as adjustable light wave.


                Fast And Effective

                The Pro Hair Removal System has an ultra-fast flash rate lets you treat areas like your underarms and bikini line in about a minute.


                Built To Last

                The High resistance silicon frame and UV stabilized metalic alloy structure are engineered for weight, performance, and durability

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